6.3 Release notes during release

In order to minimise merge conflicts during the release period we’d like to try something new.

For any PRs to be merged into the release-next branch for version 6.3 that include a release note please do the following:-

Instead of adding your release note to the 6.3 release notes please can you create a new .rst file with your release note in the 6.3 release note folder (...\docs\source\release\v6.3.0). The file needs to be named with your PR number and the part of the release notes that the note needs to go in e.g. 9999_Framework.rst. In the file itself please include the headings under which the note will need to be placed to allow us to add them in the right place. For example if you are working on a new algorithm bugfix then the file should look something like this



- The new release note

If your PR is not going to be merged into 6.3 please can you move your release note to v6.4 release notes. The skeleton 6.4 release notes are now available on main for you to do this.

If you have any queries please con’t hesitate to contact me.