Abins plugin is not working


For some reason it is not loading the plugin Abins. I used it the other day fine, and the only thing I can think I’ve changed between then and now is I uninstalled and reinstalled python. I’m not too sure why it’s not working.
However, when I load Mantid Workbench I get the following (very long) message but am not sure what it is saying:

As well as errors about the following plugins:
EnggSaveGSASIIFitResultsToHDF5.py, EnggSaveSinglePeakFitResultsToHDF5.py, ExportSampleLogsToHDF5.py, GenerateLogbook.py, LoadLamp.py, LoadWANDSCD.py, PelicanReduction.py, LoadWAND.py, ReflectometryILLAutoProcess.py, ReflectometryILLConvertToQ.py, ReflectometryILLPreprocess.py, ReflectometryILLSumForeground.py, ReflectometryILL_common.py, SANSBeamCentreFinder.py, SANSBeamCentreFinderCore.py, SANSLoad.py, SANSReductionCore.py, SANSReductionCoreBase.py, SANSReductionCoreEventSlice.py, SANSReductionCorePreprocess.py.

Hopefully someone can help.
Many thanks,

Hi Katie,

It looks like there is an incompatible version of h5py in AppData (e.g. the line 33 near the bottom of the screenshot). This was maybe pip installed or installed with the new version of python??

Tell me if this error goes away if this version in AppData is removed?!

Hi Daniel,

I ended up uninstalling the newest version of python and downloading a slightly older version, and everything seems to be working fine now!

Thank you for your help!