Auto Grouping in the ALC interface

I’m trying to analyse some recent CHRONUS data in the Muon ALC Analysis interface.

I’ve set the default instrument to CHRONUS (just in case), browsed to the correct files for the start and end, selected a log value, etc. I put Grouping=Auto. But when I click “Load” I get an error “Couldn’t load detector grouping”.

However loading the same runs into the Muon Analysis interface, it picks up the default grouping table automatically.

Using “Custom” grouping in the ALC interface does work but I had to copy/paste the lists out of the Muon Analysis Grouping tab (typing in 600 numbers wasn’t an option!)

Hi James,

thanks for your message. I’ve created a new issue to look into this: Auto grouping in the ALC interface · Issue #14085 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub