Backus-Naur form for MSLICE format

Is there a definition of the Backus-Naur form for the MSLICE format? I’m having trouble parsing them in an unambiguous way.


sorry, but I don’t understand your question.

MSlice reads in processed inelastic neutron scattering data files, which are all hdf5 derived. It understands either the legacy nxspe format which is a simple table of counts vs energy transfer for each detector, or the Mantid standard nxs Nexus which contains more metadata. It also reads in 3-column xye type text files where it assumes that the x-column is energy transfer, y is counts and e is the standard error in the counts.

Is this what you mean?

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Oh, ok, then actually my question was about the nxspe and nxs formats. I think what happened is I got a nxspe and nxs format mixed together, and I couldn’t parse both of them with the same parser.

Sorry for the noise!