Bug in plotting when loading in one2one maps

Issue: when taking a cut through data reduced with a one to one mapping and trying to switch between workspaces with different incident energies mslice seems to get stuck on the first data file.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. load in two nxspe files reduced with one to one mapping (here I have been using LET data).
  2. calculate projections for both files.
  3. take a cut (not slice) through the data. I dont think it matters which one you use first
  4. select the second data file and apply the same cut. The plot will appear not to change.
  5. If you plot a slice on the second data file the x and y limits will update but the data will be from the first data file
    6)all subsequent plots and cuts will only be of the first data file
    7)the recovery is to delete all data files from memory and reload them.
  6. this does not happen with LET data reduced with a rings mapping.


Hi David,

thanks for the bug report.

This bug has been fixed in Mantid nightly - the mslice issue is here: Projected PSD workspace reference error · Issue #356 · mantidproject/mslice · GitHub

Unfortunately, while it was discovered quite soon after the release of Mantid 3.13, it was not caught during the testing phase for Mantid 3.13 and so was not fixed in time for that release. Whilst in the past we sometimes had “patch” releases with critical bugfixes, there was not one for Mantid 3.13 so this bug still exists in the “stable” version.

So, please use either Mantid nightly, or you can download this file: https://goo.gl/4qTraA and overwrite it onto the file C:/MantidInstall/scripts/ExternalInterfaces/mslice/models/projection/powder/make_projection.py
This will fix the bug.

Hope this helps,