Changing axis in a matrix workspace

I have a workspace that has extracted data from other workspaces and I want to plot 3D graphs from this.

Unfortunately, it is not working as the vertical axis is a text axis. I want to convert this to a numeric axis and specify the units and values. How can I do this?

Hi Ian,

To create the numeric axis you can first do:

## create new axis
ax_length = 10
ax = NumericAxis.create(ax_length)
for i in range(ax_length):
    ax.setValue(i, i+1) # replace i+1 with desired value

## replace it in the workspace (assuming you have a workspace variable ws)
ws.replaceAxis(1, ax)
# set unit
ws.setYUnitLabel("My Unit")

Hope that helps.

Thanks Martyn. Just what I was after.