Color fill plot not plotting the full scale

Hi, I have an issue with the color fill plot visualization. I am trying to plot a workspace containing 144 detectors with different d-spacing ranges on the x axis. Mantid displays the color plot with an x axis range that only represents the first detector. For example detector 1 range goes from 0.1 to 1.6 A, whereas detector 144 range goes from 0.8 to 15 A. The plot stops at 1.6, even if the data are present in the spectra up to 15 A accordingly to the detector number. Even if I change manually the x -scale, the values do not get plotted. Do you know why and how to fix it? Thanks, Antonella

Hi Antonella,

It seems like the color fill plot has a bug. You can use the SliceViewer instead. Even if you start on the same x scale as before, you can zoom out. I would suggest that once in SliceViewer, you go to the View menu, and select “Unlock Aspect Ratios (All)”, which is the last entry in that menu. Zoom out with the middle button, then drag the cursor to show only the area that you want to see.