Diffusion Coefficient in JumpFit

Hello, I am learning how to use the wonderful JumpFit feature under Indirect Analysis. I believe the outputted L (jump length) and tao (residence time) to be angstroms and picoseconds respectively if neutron data is in meV.

My question is, where/how can I find the associated diffusion coefficient values for each of the fitting models (Hall-Ross, Chudley-Elliot, Fickian, etc) after they are fitted? Is there an automotive way to extract such information?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @xcleru,

Have you got any other feedback on this? If not, I can take a look into it and see if I can find an answer to your question.



I have not gotten feedback yet, if you can look into it would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance


I’ll ask around and see what I can find out. This week is a little bit crazy as we have a release deadline coming at the end of next week, so apologies if we are a little slow.


No problem, hope all is well. Thanks for keeping me update, would love to hear back on this soon.

The Fit Function documentation gives the equations & the paper references. I will ask my contacts to confirm the units.

For all questions about the QENS programs I’m probably the best first contact seeing as how I wrote it all!

Excellent! I also found the associated units in a past presentation showcasing the Mantid software, confirmation would be much helpful.

I am unsure of the units for the Diffusion parameter “D” in FickDiffusion.

Will there be a function in future to perhaps output the Diffusion coefficient for the other models as well just as it is available in FickDiffusion?