Direct modification of matrix workspace's content


Does Mantid provide a tool for direct manipulation on data in matrix workspace? For example changing a set of bins, spectra or single values to zero?

Rafal Wawrzynczak

Hi Rafal,

Can I suggest looking at some of the Mantid training material. The courses are listed under the quick start- The final 2 Python/Mantid courses are probably the most relevant.

@martyngigg Is right, the training courses are a great place to start.

Once you’ve taken a look there the algorithms you may want to take a look at the algorithms
RemoveBins - For zeroing bins
ChangeBinOffset - For applying an offset to the X bins
MaskDetectors - For Zeroing Spectra


Thank you for your replies! I have already started going through the training courses. I was just wondering if there is a way to manipulate the matrix workspaces through the GUI as they are tabled there explicitly.

The short answer is no, those views are read only, you can make changes using algorithms, or manipulate the data directly via python. Please bear in mind though that Mantid cannot track direct manipulations of the data through python, so the History recorded in the workspace will be incomplete.

OK, thanks a lot! I will use those functions you have mentioned before.