Do you need the VSI?

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  • No I don’t

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At the user’s workshop, there was a discussion suggesting that the VSI (Vates Simple Interface) in MantidPlot that gives a 3D view on multidimensional workspaces was not particularly used or helpful for Single Crystal Diffraction.

This leads to the questions:

  1. Is it used in other techniques or in ways that we are not aware of?
  2. Was this a representative view?
  3. Would removing it from future releases inconvenience anyone?

We had a look at the usage data for this interface (it reports separately for the 4 different modes of usage) across all of the previous releases of Mantid we have usage data for, and have normalised it here against SliceViewer usage for the same release, as most groups using the VSI would also use SliceViewer.

As you can see the usage has been very low for several releases (at least a year), and it is likely that usage was the development team testing that it still works.

Maintaining and testing this tool within Mantid does take time from the development team that could be used better if no one needs this tool anymore. So if you use the VSI, and want to see it continue to be included in future releases of Mantidplot, please reply using the pol above, and if you feel strongly about it reply to this post telling us what you use it for.