Elwin crashes mantidplot

Expected behavior

Elastic window scan calculated

Actual behavior

“MantidPlot has stopped working, would you like to report this to microsoft?”
Files that help describe the problem:

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  • Reduce an iris PG002 run using fmica006 (e.g. 75341). Interfaces> Indirect > Data reduction
  • These have the same settings so should not cause difficulties.
  • Save this file using the box in the reduction dialog.
  • Use Interfaces > Indirect > Data analysis to open the data analysis window
  • In the Elwin tab click “Browse” to select the file input and select the file just saved
  • Crash!

Platforms affected

Mantid 3.10.1 on Windows 7 professional


It looks like it has been quite some time since anyone has used any data using the formica analyzer, after looking into it we found a mistake in the parameter file for it.

We’ve corrected this now, and the corrected file should automatically download for you next time you start up mantid. It will also be included in the new release which is due out on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

Thanks for this Nick,

unfortunately it still seems to be crashing for me. Is there an easy way to replace the file in question?