Extract monitor printing to consol

I am applying the extract monitor function to some work-spaces, when I do this often I get a list of missing detectors printed to the workbench console. I was wondering if there was a way to stop this as it makes it hard to read the information I want printed to the console and because I am worried it is slowing down my script. Is the a general way of stopping the mantid algorithms from printing to the workbench console.

For generally stopping algorithms printing, right click on the Messages console, and change the Log Level to ‘Error’. You could alternatively use an algorithm like LoadRaw(Setting LoadMonitors to ‘Separate’) that should stop Missing Detectors being sent to the Messages Console.

Thank you this helps, do u know if there is a way to just extract the monitors from a raw file or do I have to separate the files?

Yes as far as I’m aware using Separate is the easiest way!

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