Fatal Python error when trying to run mantidplot


I installed Mantid (v3.11 right now) on Ubuntu 14.04. The Mantid Framework works in the sense that I am able to import everything from mantid.simpleapi in python3.7 console. However, when I tried to execute mantidplot from the terminal, a fatal Python error saying “auto-releasing thread-state, but no thread-state for this thread” would show up with the execution aborted (core dumped). May I ask for some help here?


At the moment mantid runs on the 2.x branch of Python, we are making the internal code python 3.x compatible, but at the moment it is all compiled against python 2.x.

Thanks for your reply. I was actually using Python2.7 but made a typo up there. Anyway, I now realize I can open Mantidplot by clicking the application icon instead of running in a terminal.
I suspect that was because it was using anaconda python in terminal with some conflict.