Fit dialog in Workbench

Expected behavior

The Fit dialog should do what it says

Actual behavior

  1. The Ties box doesn’t work - it’s not respected by the underlying fitting and on re-entering the dialog it has been cleared. Is the required syntax rather obscure? I’m using a User Function if it matters.
  2. If i use the “Keep Open” tick box, after a successful fit and on re-using “Run” I get the red error Property with given name already exists search object OUTPUTNORMALISEDCOVARIANCEMATRIX. (I’ve seen a similar feature in scripts if I try to re-use an Algorithm object referring to Fit)
  3. On choosing a workspace it fills in StartX and EndX with the x range of the data. I might then change them. But on re-entering the dialog it resets these even if I didn’t touch the InputWorkspace or WorkspaceIndex options.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Use the Fit dialog…

Platforms affected

Noticed on Workbench 4.2 while trying to investigate the minimizer NaN bug

An issue has been created to fix this: Fit Dialog Keep Open error and Ties not obeyed · Issue #27563 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub