Graph resetting scale, and labels getting stuck

A slightly annoying feature: I have several plots on a graph. I’ve manually rescaled the axes to show the region of interest, and then I move one of the curves to use the right Y axis ( because it has a widely different range of values to the others). The graph’s axes, including X which had no need to be touched, are then rescaled to show all values and I have to reset the scale.

Also after adding labels and arrows I got one graph “stuck” with a label permanently selected (and movable) and a separate blue bordered text box at the top left into which I can type things, but I’m not able to do much else such as rescale it. The only way out is to close the window and start again from scratch. This happened occasionally in the early days of Mantid but I haven’t seen it much recently - but I’ve not used labels much either. It appears to be the same as bug 11062 which says OS X, but I’m using Windows 7.