Help on the Quantum Wizard script


Been trying to use quantum wizard, the python script for musr fitting and simulations but in the last editions of mantid have been getting this error:

NameError: name ‘QuantumWizard1Dialog’ is not defined
File “C:/MantidInstall/MyScripts/muon/Quantum/Scripts/”, line 163, in

Can anyone help please.

Best regards


The best person to ask is @jameslord, he wrote the quantum code

Mantid used to allow a script to call SomeAlgorithmDialog and it would open the dialog for “SomeAlgorithm” to let the user fill in the remaining values and then run it. My “Quantum Wizard” script made use of this to get user input as it went along. Algorithm QuantumWIzard1 basically did nothing apart from return its input parameters and the top level script then used them. That feature was deprecated in Mantid and it would seem it has now been removed completely.

If there’s demand for Quantum Wizard, which only handles the simpler uses of the overall Quantum package, I’d have to find some other way to get input. Scripts run from within Mantid’s script window cannot read input from the keyboard, unlike running the script directly in a Windows / Linux shell console.

The best suggestion for now is to use the “table driven” interface to Quantum.