How to install mantidnightly

Hi guys! I tyr to install mantidnightly in centos7.6 by source code installtion(packages-version:mantidnightly-5.0.20200507.1701 -Source.tar.xz) but I don’t know how to start the installation, I need to use mantidplot , I need you help , thanks ! by the way I hope MANTID team could supply the documents for mantid install , thanks again

Hi, I recommend installing our nightly build, with instructions here. If mantidnightly has been installed correctly, then you should be able to start it from the command line using : ./opt/mantidnightly/bin/MantidPlot

If you really want to build mantid from source, then you will have to follow the appropriate instructions: here.

thanks you , but I don’t have root authority ,what shou I do ?

I guess it’s quite difficult then as either way you need to install the correct dependencies for Mantid.

You could try installing inside a virtual machine if you need the MantidPlot / Workbench interface.

If all you need is the framework you could try using conda