I have changed my IDF but mantid is using a different file

I have changed the IDF for POLREF and loaded an associated workspace into mantid but when look at the instrument associated with this workspace it is not the right file.

How do I make mantid use the version of the IDF that I have edited?

The way that Mantid decides which version of the IDF to use is based on the most recent ‘Valid From’ date defined in the IDF.

If you want to use the IDF that you have edited then you need to:

  • Find the version of the IDF that mantid is using
  • Note the “ValidFrom” date defined at the top
  • See if the “ValidFrom” date in the IDF that you have edited is more recent than this date
  • if it is, then increment the ValidFrom date in your edited version to be more recent than that of the version mantid is using
  • CAREFUL: don’t increment this date too much, only by a minute or so.

Repeating the Loading of workspace process in mantid again and check that the instrument associated with the workspace is now coming from the correct place.