Indirect data reduction window can't find files

I’ve found an annoying issue with the the indirect data reduction window in mantid 3.7.2. If the window is opened from the menu. (Interfaces > Indirect > Data reduction) it works fine on the first run. If left open in the background while using other parts of the interface, when re-entering runs for further reduction it will spend a lot of time (during which it will not accept input) before giving the error “Invalid run(s)”. This occurs with valid runs. and can be overcome by deleting the run number and re-entering.

This would not be a huge issue, but the length of time the programme is unresponsive for when looking for runs seems far too long. Can anything be done about this?

Hi Ian,

Thanks - I have opened this issue for the problem you found. We will keep you updated on progress with this.

Hi Ian,
Are you using the data archive to find runs?

I guess so - I just input run numbers as shown in the screenshot.