Indirect Diffraction interface not processing files from OSIRIS or IRIS

Expected behavior

The ‘Indirect Diffraction’ interface can be used to reduce raw data from QENS experiments on OSIRIS and IRIS to give the diffraction pattern recorded during the spectroscopic run.

Actual behavior

Interface refuses to load experimental data file and returns error messages:

Error starting batch algorithm
Got error from algorithm “ISISIndirectDiffractionReduction”
Stopping batch algorithm because of execution error

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Attempt to process QENS data file from IRIS or OSIRIS using the Indirect Diffraction interface in diffspec mode. Error occurs regardless of whether calibration or vanadium files are used.

Platforms affected

Windows 10. Error occurs on both 5.0.0 and current nightly build (14/08).

I’m using the Workbench on the nightly build & cannot reproduce this error. Can you give more details such as run numbers & whether the data ids diff only or diff spec.

Thanks for testing. Have updated to the latest nightly build and error persists. Sample ranges I have been trying to (re)process include OSIRIS 140937-141156 and IRIS 79404-79570. All data is diff spec.

Are you using MantidPlot or Workbench?
Where are the raw files? Is the directory defined in the Search Directories?
How do you input the run numbers?

OK, it appears I may have misidentified the problem.

I’m using workbench, and the folder containing the downloaded raw data files is defined as a data search directory.

Was using the ‘Browse’ interface to select the file to process; this works for data reduction in 5.0.0 but causes the error described above for diff spec processing. In the current nightly build the browse interface has the same behaviour for diff spec and crashed workbench entirely for data reduction.

Switching to typing the run# in the box and allowing the search system to find the file means that both reduction and diff spec work in 5.0.0, however data reduction in the nightly build still crashes workbench when using this workflow (I’m aware that this is a second bug unrelated to the one I started this topic on).

To summarise, the ‘actual behaviour’ is more accurately described as:

Processing data in the Indirect Diffraction interface in diff spec mode does not load the raw data files properly if they are selected through the ‘Browse’ option.

Sorry for not identifying it properly initially, and since there’s a workaround for the problem available it’s obviously not urgent.

This reminds me of this issue which I found a few weeks ago: Indirect DA loading hard crash · Issue #29265 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub

Is it the case that on Windows for you, browsing and loading a .RAW file crashes, but the .nxs file works fine??

Is it the case that on Windows for you, browsing and loading a .RAW file crashes, but the .nxs file works fine??

For me, browsing to load in the Indirect>Diffraction interface gives errors for both .nxs and .raw files. It also just fails with an error message rather than crashing workbench.

As mentioned in passing above I am also experiencing a hard crash in Indirect>Data Reduction which sounds more similar to the issue you found. It occurs when reducing .nxs files from OSIRIS or IRIS, .nxs files from TOSCA or .raw files from any source process successfully. This bug is only in the nightly build (5.0.20200826.1449). I note that there is a new nightly build available, am updating now and will check whether it persists.

Edit: Confirm data reduction error still present in 5.0.20200901.730.

I have just done the following on nightly build for interface Indirect>Diffraction
Windows - raw & nxs files Ok.
Ubuntu - raw files Ok.
They are old files as I don’t have access to raw files in Archive.
The issue referred to confuses Diffraction & Data Analysis – the latter does not use raw data.

Have you tried running the algorithm ISISIndirectDiffractionReduction directly? Input is full filename, SpectraRange in format first,last & OutputWS name.
Could you also send a raw file from IRIS & OSIRIS to & I’ll have a look at them.

Running the algorithm from the python console results in successful reduction for both .raw and .nxs format inputs. I’m guessing that means it’s an issue with the interface?

The requested files have been sent.