Indirect diffraction sum files not worknig

Expected behavior

Interfaces>Indirect>Diffraction gives a dialog box to enter run numbers with a tick box for “Sum Sample Files”
This should sum the files and return 1 diffraction pattern from the summed files titled “RunNo_multi_diffspec_red”

Actual behavior

Produces multiple diffraction patterns from inidvidual runs titled “RunNo_multi_diffspec_red”

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Instrument: IRIS, Analyser: diffraction, Reflection: diffspec
Run Numbers 76342, 76343
Sum Sample Files -ticked
Press run - get 76342_ multi_diffspec_red and 76343_multi_diffspec_red workspaces produced.
Untick Sum Sample Files and re-run
76342_diffspec_red and 76343_diffspec_red are produced. These are identical to 76342_ multi_diffspec_red and 76343_multi_diffspec_red

Platforms affected

Mantid 3.11.0 on windows 7 pro. Not tested elsewhere.

Hi Ian,

The way this worked was changed for 3.11 to allow for summing separate groups when the Sum Sample Files tickbox was checked (e.g. “A-B, C-D” would sum the range of runs A-B and the range of runs C-D separately, resulting in two workspaces).

As a result, this means in your case, each comma-separated value is treated separately. Currently, replacing a comma with a plus ("+"), or a dash ("-") will work in this situation.

A “+” allows for summing of discontinous ranges of runs and a “-” specifies a range of runs to be summed (when Sum Sample Files is checked). “+” will act identically to “,” when the Sum Sample Files tick box is not checked.

Thanks for this. I was not expecting such a change - even with this I think the output workspaces should not have the multi suffix.