Install in RedHat Docker Container questions

I’d like to install Mantid within a Docker Container running RedHat 4.8.5-11 (Linux version 3.10.0-514.e17.x86_64). The goal is to work from within Jupyter (formerly iPython) notebooks. I have been working from this page: Using IPython Notebook - Mantid Project

I’m a bit confused about the Python requirements for the installation and have failed using notes found elsewhere online. My container currently has Python 2.7.x and Python 3.5.x environments. Am I right that Python 3 is not working or on the horizon for Mantid? And more importantly, specifically what 2.x environment do I need to install?

Thanks for any help or insight folks can provide.

If you are on 64 bit linux, you’d have an easier time install mantid via our anaconda install. It fully supports python 2.7, but python 3.5 has some known issues as not all of our python code is python 2/3 compatible yet. I don’t have a expected date for that to be finished, but it is in (slow) active progress.

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried the anaconda install and bumped up against this error:

UnsatisfiableError: The following specifications were found to be in conflict:

  • mantid-framework 3.10.0*
  • numba

I’m not sure how to handle that. Do I need to remove numba? I’m not sure if it is needed by other packages in this container.

Again, any advice or insights appreciated. Thanks.

You’d probably be better off creating a new environment, installing mantid-framework, and then adding other things to it. I’ve not tried having numba installed with mantid.

Agreed. I’ll make a mantid-specific environment today and see how it goes. At least that way I won’t worry about breaking other things. Thanks again for the feedback.

I’ve got it running now. A few tweaks to the environment, but it’s working. I’m having a few issues running from Jupyter but will create a new thread to address that. The installation issues are solved. Thanks.