Installing New Packages Into Mantid On Windows

I’m trying to solely use Mantid’s Python Scripting (specifically MSLICE).

How can I install packages into Mantid Python such that I can import those packages freely from within a Mantid Python Script window?\


Hi, I’m not entirely sure exactly what you’re wanting to do. To access Mslice functionality in mantid python you can use the line import mslice.cli as mc but you want other packages then you will need to enter the MantidInstall > bin folder on the command line and run scripts\pip install package. This should work on Windows but is slightly different on other operating systems. Are you on Windows?

Ok, I believe you answered my question! I just wanted to know if I could add packages to Mantid (for when I’m using the Script window within Mantid Workbench).

So I just need to install the packages I want into MantidInstall > bin

Yes as long as you cd into MantidInstall\bin and then run Scripts\pip install package.

Tell me if this works for you!