Instrument View and point data

I sometimes generate workspaces where the X axis is Point Data (perhaps from different runs scanning magnetic field, detector threshold, etc) and Y is Spectra as in a raw file. The “counts” will usually be some processed value of the individual spectra. I’d like to display these in Instrument View to match up the geometric positions of detectors and their signals.

I can adjust the X range slider at the bottom of the window to only span one data point. But it doesn’t let me select the last point in the workspace, even though the number displayed at the right of the slider is equal to that point’s X value (and the left number is somewhere between this and the previous number). The detectors in the window are all coloured as if zero.

A single X valued point workspace, but with the full number of spectra (e.g. using CropWorkspace on the above) does correctly display its one bin. Both ends of the slider are numbered with the one X value.

Another useful enhancement, for both point and histogram data: the ability to easily set the X integration range to cover exactly one bin (or point) and then slide that range along the axis, or step it one bin at a time. Could there be an option to select either X units or bin numbers, and in the latter case the min/max boxes have up/down arrows for incrementing or decrementing the values?