Interfaces hide behind workbench window

With an interface open and in the foreground, use the interface to plot a graph (I believe many can do this, but I have been using the reflectometry one as an example). The graph window obviously comes to the front, BUT the interface window is then pushed behind the workbench main window. This makes using any auto plotting features of the interfaces really annoying (minimising the main window doesn’t help as the graphs bring it back)

I should add, I’m using the idaas workbench, both nightly and stable exhibit same behaviour

Hi Jos,

We can reproduce this problem and I agree it is rather annoying. More generally in the next dev. cycle we are hoping to give all sub-windows (different interfaces/plots/sliceviewer etc.) the same priority over the main window: Harmonise Window behaviour · Issue #28306 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub

Thanks Daniel, much appreciated!