ISIS Indirect Diffraction Reduction SumFiles doing strange things

Expected behavior

When using SumFiles=True expect a single workspace of summed individual input

Actual behavior

returns two workspaces that seem to have identical histories but different data when plotted

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Script below - you will need to change the code pointing to the files.

# import mantid algorithms, numpy and matplotlib
from mantid.simpleapi import *
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import sys

# setting stuff up
output = os.path.normpath("~/Desktop/2010536-Alison")
instrument = 'IRIS'
ConfigService.Instance().setString('', output)
ConfigService.Instance().setString('default.instrument', instrument)  

# "list" of run numbers should be CSV string 
runs = '96294,96295'


Platforms affected

Mac OS (M1 chip), Workbench 6.1.0

Good spot! I’m not seeing a change when I set SumFiles = True or False. I’ll check what is expected! This behaviour is the same on the Nightly and release 6.0.

Slightly separate to this, have you got the ISIS data archive configured for Mantid on MacOS? I’m not sure I ever got it to work, myself.

Thanks Daniel. I’ve never tried to set up the data archive on mac, since that’s what I’m using from home and I only connect to the VPN when necessary. In the office I’m using windows.

One thing here is that the formatting fo your input files names is not right, '96294+96295' will do what you want. I will make the documention more clear

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would this be a better description for the InputFiles:

Comma separated list of input files for the empty container runs, this list can also incorporate +, -, or : in the same fashion as any string accepted by Load

I’d try to make it more explicit that the input is a string and not a python list. Maybe something like:

“Comma separated list of input files formatted as a string; this can also incorporate +, -, or : in the same fashion as any string accepted by Load”