Loading spe-files

I’m wondering if it is possible to load (and manipulate) spe-files (created with the MSlice module in the DAVE package). Under Interfaces → Direct I see ‘MSlice’, but I cannot load the corresponding spe-files. Some ideas?

Does the algorithm LoadDaveGrp do it? We use it in Indirect.

Just figured out that ‘loadSPE v.1’ (DataHandling → SPE) does load spe-files. However,
there seems to be no way to load the corresponding phx-file (needed to get the Q-values). The algorithm you mentioned does load a grouped ASCII file exported from DAVE, it’s different form the spe-files from MSlice.

Hi Jan,

unfortunately we don’t really support the text SPE file format anymore. Can you get DAVE to save in the NeXus based NXSPE format instead?

Alternatively you’d have to use the Matlab Horace or MSlice programs to load the SPE file with the PHX and save out the NXSPE file.

Sorry this is not more helpful.

All the best,


Dear Duc,
Thanks for your suggestions. I have to check whether we can get the nxspe-format from DAVE, but I doubt that this is currently possible.
Will try the Matlab workaround …
Thanks again and best wishes,