Logging issue in training material

I’m trying to learn a bit more about scripting and so am running through the training material here:
I can’t get exercise 2 to work, even when cutting and pasting the solution from:

Expected behavior

Executing the Algorithm in the GUI prints results to the Results Log

Actual behavior

Executing the Algorithm in the GUI produces no error but does not print result to Results log

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. cut and paste the solution from:
    into python window
  2. Execute script in python window
  3. Run Algorithm generated in GUI (Examples/FibonacciExercise)

Platforms affected

I’m running mantid 3.13 on windows 7

Hi Ian,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. The first thing that I would suggest checking is the level that logging is set to in the Results Log.

If you right-click in the Results Log window there is a menu option for Log Level. Make sure that this level is set to Information, Warning or Debug.

I just tried this out and when logging is set at a lower level, indeed no results are printed.



Hi Keith,

I tried it with all of those logging levels without any success. If it is working for you otherwise it might just be a quirk of my set up. I’m at home today and it works here…

Hi Ian,

How strange! When you are back in the office I’m happy to follow this up with you and see if we can try to pin down the cause.