Mantid 6.4 crashing while fitting PSI(DOLLY) .bin files

In the “muon analysis” tab, somehow, I managed to load and correct the PSI .bin runs. But in the fitting tab as soon as I am loading any fitting function whole Mantid is crashing.

I’m using Mantid 6.4.

Thanks in advance if this can be rectified.

Dear Siddharth,

I am currently trying to reproduce this issue with a DOLLY .bin file. Unfortunately without success. Any information on how to reproduce this problem would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

On the grouping tab you can select the data you are going to “fit” or “analyse”. If you have nothing selected, then it might crash when you try to do a fit (it shouldn’t). Without more information that is my best guess.

Dear Silke,
This problem arises when I am trying to add any fit function with the ‘Plot Guess’ button ON. When it is off, Mantid crashes after clicking ‘FIT’.

Meanwhile, I downgraded to Mantid 6.3, and all things are working fine.
Thanks for the response
Hope it helps.

Thank you