Mantid crashes and does not start any more

Though Mantid never usually crashes :wink: , there are situations when it does happen. Recent one was occurring last week when opengl was broken on Nomachine and users were tried to use Instrument View with opengl enabled. Sometimes, in such situation Mantid does not start for this particular user after the crash.

There is known way to fix this under Unix:

you delete (or rather rename for future references) two hidden folders:

~/.mantid – where Mantid settings are located and
~/.config/Mantid – qti and opengl cashes.

Sometimes its enough to delete only one folder and its suggested to start with ~/.config/Mantid

On Windows, the folder correspondent to ~/.mantid can be found in ~\AppData\Roaming\mantidproject\mantid.

Where can Mantid opengl cashes folder can be found on Windows?

There is also a script in the MantidInstall\bin folder that will fix most startup problems.

On windows it is


while on linux or mac it is