Mantid crashing minutes after opening one of the projects


I have the following problem: when I load one of my projects at the beginning everything works fine but just after few minutes of work the program crashes with notification:

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

If it is the fault of my project file being corrupted in some way, is there a way to repair it?

I am running Mantid on Ubuntu 14.04.

Rafal Wawrzynczak

Hi Rafal,

Are you doing anything in particular when it crashes or is Mantid seemingly sitting idle?

The situation is the same in both cases. It crashes when I am doing anything within my project’s workspaces and if I just load it and leave it untouched.

Is it just the one project or anything that you have?

It happens for all the project files I load.


yesterday the problem fixed itself without me doing anything apart from not using projects and working only on files loaded to workspaces. But today it started happening again. I will try to determine after which particular action it is starting to crash again.

It does not happen when I save a new project, but it does when I open it again.

Is there any log file in which I could find some additional information about cause of closing Mantid?