Mantid Sliceviewer cursor position unreadable

I really like the improvements on the Sliceviewer, but I have some problem with the inset that shows the cursor position.
The cursor position gets unreadable once, the x and y coordinates are shown with a lot of digits:

This is Mantid 6.0.0 or Nightly 6.0.20210422.2105 on Windows 10 64bit.

Hi Thomas

Thanks for sending this in. I don’t think we can reproduce this currently. Does this happen for all data?? If you need sample data to try, run this line in the script editor in the centre of the workbench window:

ws = CreateSampleWorkspace()

With this data of a Workspace2D it is also working on my system see screenshot, seems to affect only MDHistoWorkspace, for example this:

ws=CreateMDHistoWorkspace(Dimensionality=2,Extents='-3,3,-10,10', \

It looks like the field which should show the coordinates is to low and cannot expand since it is touching the image.

Great, thanks for that info!

I’ll try on a few different operating systems. Ubuntu looks “okay”, but I agree its not very useful when bunched up on the right.

Thanks again for your info. I’ve raised an issue for this to be addressed: Sliceviewer Cursor widget not properly sized for MD workspaces · Issue #31214 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub