Mantid upgrading to Python 3.10

We are planning to move to Python 3.10 for the upcoming release of Mantid v6.8.0 in mid-October.

The changes are still under review, so are not available yet in the nightly releases. However, you can test them by installing packages built from the development branch either from Conda:
mamba install -c "thomashampson/label/python310" mantidworkbench
or you can download the standalone installers from the following Jenkins build:

Any feedback is very welcome. We would like to encourage early testing so that any problems caused by the Python upgrade can be addressed in time for the release.

Kind regards,
Tom (on behalf of the Mantid team)

Now that the Python 3.10 upgrade work has been merged into main, all nightly versions from 25th August onward will be built with this newer version of Python.

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Yes you can ask a question. You can either post it on here or e-mail it to