Mantidplot: how to kill unresponsive script

Hi, is there an easy way to abort a non-responsive running script in mantidplot without completely killing mantidplot?


Hi, so Ctrl+D (or Cmd+D on Mac) should Abort your script. Under the Execute tab, which is on the top menu bar of the python script window, you can select Abort, which does the same thing.

Out of interest, what algorithms are being called? All of our algorithms should have appropriate checks (called progress reports) if the algorithm/script has been cancelled. If the algorithms you are using are custom defined ones, then you may wish to add these checks in, to make your algorithms abort-able. (PythonAlgorithm Progress Reporting - Mantid Project).

Excellent, thanks for this! It’s a home-made script made by a colleague that’s processes data taken from a mantid workspace. Just trying to debug, but it was painful to continually re-start mantid and read in data each time!