Move to separate release notes

I am pleased to announce that the Mantid project has now moved to separate release notes. This is similar to how release notes were added during the last release period except that files need to be saved in the correct folder to allow for automated collation of notes. For details on how the new release notes will work please see the documentation at - Release Notes Guide . You should also notice the PR template on GitHub has been updated to reflect the changes.

For all new PRs
Save your release note(s) as a new .rst file with the PR number as the filename. Ensure that your file is saved in the correct New_features or Bugfixes folder (please note that Improvements headings have been dropped from release notes for simplicity). Do not add any headings within your file. See the documentation for current headings and sub-headings available and also how to create new ones if required.

For all existing PRs
If you have a PR in at present that has a release note you have two options:-

  1. Get your PR merged in by Friday 4th March.
  2. Move your release note to a new .rst file with the PR number as the filename. Save it in the appropriate directory (see documentation for guidance). You may need to rebase to see the folders. Do not add any headings within your file. This must be done by 4th March.

If you are unable to do either of these options please get in touch with me ASAP.

After 4th March please ensure that all release notes are added as separate files. There is no need to move release notes that are already merged in as this will be handled for you.

If you have any questions about release notes or any issues with the new process please contact me for help.