Muon interface tabs keep leaving parent window

In the muon interface, every time I click on a tab it leaves the muon interface window, and creates a new window with the tab. This is the case on both ISIS DAaaS machines and MacOS. Clicking the ‘X’ button on the window does put the tab back in its place, but it is very annoying when trying to switch between tabs

I’ve just checked switching between tabs in the Muon Interface on MacOS. It seems more likely for the tabs to undock when I’m using the trackpad rather than a standard mouse.
What do you think would be a good solution for this?

  • Giving the option to stop tabs undocking (do you never want to undock tabs??)
  • Undocking can only be done by double-click on a tab (rather than just Click + drag)

Thanks for checking this out. I think some people may want to undock tabs, but not very often — so I think your suggestion of having to double click on a tab to undock would be best.

With the Indirect interfaces we have kept the ability to undock in order to reduce the size. This was a request from users who have small screen tablets. An interface larger than the screen is inconvenient.

I’ve also found it’s rather too easy to undock a tab unintentinally. Maybe it is reacting to click and drag which is easy to do by mistake when moving the mouse across to the tab and then clicking. (I’m using a real mouse and not a trackpad if it matters.) So I’d second the proposal to make it a double click option or something similar such as a pop up menu (right click, select “Undock”).