NIST-DAVE Inelastic QENS Peak Analysis


I am a new User trying to analyze Inelastic Scattering Data using Mantid Peak Fitting Capabilities.
The data was sliced and exported using the NIST DAVE M-slice interface. The .grp files were successfully loaded into Mantid. I have loaded the filed that represent the Vanadium Data that should be converted into a resolution function for later convolution with other fit functions used with the sample data.

How do I convert the Vanadium Workspace data to a resolution function that can be used with Sequential Fitting of QENS Peaks?

Option 1: Fit Gaussian + Linear Background to each q value in the Vanadium File save as individual fits and pass sigma (widths) manually to each data file q value.

Additionally, When I try to use the Sequential Fitting Script I receive a Ploterror. Does anyone know who to fix this?

Thank you for your help.

The vanadium data can be used form the resolution without the need to convert it into anything else.

When I use the raw vanadium data the count intensity for the elastic component is much greater than sample peak. Is there a way to scale te resolution function?

The elastic peak is the convolution with a Delta Function.The height of the delta function scales the resoliution.

Hi So I have tries to use the Delta function for scaling and I receive an Error.
Also the online instructions say to chose General=>Convolution as a function option but that is not a function option on his new version of MANTID.

Anyway I chose to upload the data file as a resolution function and then added a Delta function but it does not have an affect on the resolution function. When I hover over the coefficients for the Delta function it display in yellow highlight “value used to scale resolution (error).”

My operating system is a MAC, but this has to do with MANTID not noticing the uploaded resolution file properly.