Plot symbol - marker='?'


Is it possible to specify no plot symbol is to be displayed when using in the python API?

lines = plot( [ws_sin, ws_cos], 0, marker='?')

__marker_to_plotsymbol in suggests not.



Hi Derek,

Unfortunately there is no option to set no symbol/marker. This was not included for no particular reason, probably just because the default marker with the traditional plotSpectrum functions is a dot.

For consistency with matplotlib we could add None and "None" as additional marker options. Does that sound like what you were looking for? We will add it for the next release.

In the meantime if you need to get the plot quickly without symbols you could edit the file bin/pymantidplot/ where you found __marker_to_plotsymbol and for example change the first line to this:
None: _qti.PlotSymbol.NoSymbol, 'o': _qti.PlotSymbol.Ellipse, 'v': _qti.PlotSymbol.DTriangle, '^': _qti.PlotSymbol.UTriangle,