Problems to install mantid

I am trying to install mantid from the source (I don’t have yum install permission) on a centos7.2 system

I got the following err when I try to install Mantid:
Could NOT find Nexus (missing: NEXUS_LIBRARIES NEXUS_INCLUDE_DIR) (Required
is at least version “4.3.1”)

My config is:

I don’t have yum install privilege. How to have all the required dependencies installed for users can not do yum install?
Thank you


Are you looking to use the full MantidPlot application of just the mantid Python library?



The full Mantid
Thank you

I’m afraid we are a bit limited in this case. Our Linux development and installation assumes someone as root access to install things.

Apparently it is possible to install packages without root access, see here but this is completely untested and I can’t guarantee it would work.

Another option would be to use a CentOS VM and then you would have complete root access and could just install the RedHat version that we supply: