Read .bin files in Mantid

Hi all,

When trying to read .bin files from J-PARC on the Muon Analysis 2 window it shows the error message “Group names should only contain digits, characters and _”. It gives the correct sample information but not correct run number so perhaps this is just a file naming or readability problem. The file name is currently just runnumber.bin.

I can read and fit these files on WiMDA but it would be nice to sanity check the values on Mantid also. I’m not so familiar with muSR Fit.

Any help appreciated.


Dear Innes,

Mantid can read the nxs files produced at ISIS and the bin format from PSI, at present we do not guarantee it can read J-PARC data. The bin data reader makes several assumptions about the input data, such as the length of names and where data is stored. If you have any differences it will not work. However, looking at your error message it seems that your group names are not valid. What are you expecting for the names of your groups?

Kind regards,

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I see, no problem. On WiMDA I’ve been using two groups just labelled “Hist 1 : 1” and “Hist 2 : 2” but I had to regroup them from the default grouping to this. I have tried to regroup similarly on Mantid but it’s not quite working yet.


If the bin file has the names as “Hist 1:1” it will not be able to read it, as that is not a valid name (we assume no spaces and no colons).

Is the data you are working with public?