Reflectometry GUI auto saves into a format Mantid Can't read

Using the save functionality in the reflectometry GUI and ticking the auto save box to save after processing. Mantid shows a warning that the saveascii algorith is depreciated and the format which is saved into has leading commas/tabs/spaces meaning that it can’t be opened. I know this came up before, but I thought it had been changed.
I’m using the workbench on idaas and using investigation ID 1720415 on OFFSPEC for reference, but the issue is general.

Hi Jos, sorry for the delay.

Do you know if the version of Mantid on IDAaaS that you were using last Friday was 5.0 or 5.1?? I can see that Reflectometry instances are on 5.1, but most others seem to be on 5.0.

When I’ve tried to reproduce this, I see the deprecation warning on 5.0, and it has been fixed in 5.1.

Hi Daniel, sorry for being slow, I didn’t see you had responded. I think it must have been a version issue as it now seems to work on the stable on idaaas. Thanks!

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