RemoveBins equivalent for Point Data workspaces

The RemoveBins algorithm (and its partner MaskBins) only work on histogram data. An equivalent RemovePoints for point data would be useful. It could simply delete the unwanted bins from the middle of the spectra, with no zeroing or interpolation, as there are no left over bin edges to worry about. Or could RemoveBins be expanded to have that behaviour if presented with point data?
A likely use is if I do a sequential fit in Muon Analysis, create a results table, extract a fit parameter column versus a log value as a Workspace (for subsequent fitting) and notice there are some “bad” data points. If I’d done the fitting as individual fits then I could un-tick a few of them and recreate the results table but there’s no equivalent editing possible for a sequential fit.

This will be done as RemoveBins equivalent for Point Data workspaces · Issue #18963 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub.

We plan to make RemoveBins work for point data as well as Histogram data

Actually after looking into it and neatening the code in RemoveBins somewhat it is likely we will add this functionality to CropWorkspace instead, it makes more sense there.

Good idea. I’ve been wanting to CropWorkspace according to bin for ages!