Removing deprecated algorithms

Dear all,

We have several algorithms that have previously been marked as deprecated. We intend to remove these from Mantid in v6.11. Please can you update any scripts and workflows that use the following before October.

AddNote - AddNote v1

AlignDetectors - AlignDetectors v1

CheckWorkspacesMatch - CheckWorkspacesMatch v1

ConvertEmptyToTof - ConvertEmptyToTof v1

FilterEventsByLogValuePreNexus v2 - FilterEventsByLogValuePreNexus v2

FindUBUsingMinMaxD - FindUBUsingMinMaxD v1

RecordPythonScript - RecordPythonScript v1

SaveDiffFittingAscii - SaveDiffFittingAscii v1

If you have any queries/concerns about this please e-mail .