Running Mantid functions in Jupyter Notebook from Anacond


I was not familiar with the Mantid Project until a couple hours ago. I am trying to use the IPeakFunction for one of my labs. I have downloaded the Mantid software for my Windows Laptop. As a disclaimer, I use the Jupyter Notebook offered from the Anaconda Navigator. Within the last month, I updated the Notebooks to run the latest update (I updated the Python to be able to use functions from another package I downloaded).

As I mentioned, I am trying to use the IPeakFunction. Now, is it possible to use it in the Jupyter Notebooks from Anaconda? The reason I ask is when I have tried to open the Mantid Notebook I get the following: The port 8888 is already in use, trying another port. I am instantly brought to the Jupyter Notebook Menu that I usually used.

I also downloaded the Introduction to using Mantid IPython Notebook and there is an error in retrieving MANTIDPATH. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you


Firstly, the updated docs page for Mantid Jupyter notebooks is here: MantidPython and Notebook

I’m not sure this will work with Jupyter Notebooks on Anaconda. Can you try to launch with mantidpython.bat from the command prompt:

C:\MantidInstall\bin\mantidpython.bat notebook "Downloads\Introduction to using Mantid with IPython Notebook.ipynb"

Tell me if that works for you or not!

Many Thanks, Daniel