Showing Instrument as part of user generated algorithm


I would like to write an algorithm which combines several mantid algorithms to output an Instrument View all from the one algorithm, and I cannot see whether it is possible for me to open the instrument view from the algorithm. For Merlin, when we are trying to align single crystals, we do multiple short runs which we have to process in exactly the same way with SetScalingPSD, ConvertToDistribution, NormalisebyCurrent and ConvertUnits. We then view them by right clicking on the workspace and doing “Show Instrument”. We then limit the range of d-spacing’s shown. This gets rather repetitive, and this is why I would like to have just one algorithm with inputs for the file, the scalingfile, an outputname, and the d-spacing range, which pops open the instrument view directly. Is this possible? So far I have got as far as doing all the processing, but cannot see how to get it to open the instrument view.

The instrument view is exposed to Python and the best place to see an example of using it is through the training course pages at

Let us know if there needs to be more detail on there.