sliceViewer features

Currently the workbench does not show you which workspace is being displayed when you use sliceViewer, which can get confusing if you have several open.

The scale bar defaults to linear, and doesn’t stay as log after being set and the interface.

The minimum on the scale bar when set to log says 0.0, which isn’t right, but am not sure what it is. I think it needs to update itself when changed.

Currently to zoom into a region of the image, you need to press the magnifying glass, the previous behaviour was defaulting to zoom with a left mouse click, so if possible to default this on that would make for less mouse clicks.

The scale in the “slices” stays linear when the scale bar is set to log

Having the slices as outputted workspaces was a useful feature if possible (I’m assuming that a completely different workflow is being used here so am aware that may not be possible), though either way a method to give slices width would be nice too.


Thanks for this.
For the slices, are you happy with axis aligned slices, or do you need to be able to slice in other orientations?

Also you mentioned slices with a width, we do expect to support this at some point, but is it something that is essential for you to be able to move to the workbench as your primary tool over mantidplot? I’m just trying to make sure we focus on the most important tasks first.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think axis aligned slices would cover most use cases.

In terms of priority of wider slices, I can’t easily say, since in the current situation (both covid and my instrument being down) my need for it is limited. It is certainly super useful when I do use it on the beamline, but I can’t see that being for another 6 months at earliest

It’s great to have a list of lots of improvements we can make! Organising issues for these now: Sliceviewer Improvements Umbrella · Issue #28517 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub