Sliceviewer intensity scaling in workbench

Expected behavior

Load any dataset into mantid (am using OFFSPE60395)
View in sliceviewer
set scale to symmetricLog10
Both high and low limit for intensity scaling should be followed
Zero should not be an option for the lower limit

Actual behavior

Defaults to have the low limit as zero (not possible on a log scale)
No minor tick marks are shown below 1e-8 (set low limit to be e.g. 1e-11 and higher limit to be 1e-9 and it is obvious, but it is true whatever the limits).
Scaling the workspace by 1e-8 shows that the plotting is not correct at these intensities, and that the lower limit is ignored (and possibly just defaults to 1e-8)

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Set default instrument to OFFSPEC
Show slice viewer
Change intensity axes according to above descriptions

Platforms affected

Mantid workbench nightly on IDAAAS 29/9/20

Hi Jos,

These are fair enough points and your instructions are great! I’ve raised an issue for this and hopefully we can take a look at it soon! Sliceviewer (symm)log scale issues · Issue #29641 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub

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