Sliceviewer windows error

Expected behavior

Interaction with Mantid sliceviewer causes no windows errors

Actual behavior

Interaction with Mantid sliceviewer causes windows errors

Steps to reproduce the behavior

LoadISISNexus(Filename=r’\\inst$\ndxoffspec\instrument\data\cycle_18_4\OFFSPEC00049990.nxs’, OutputWorkspace=‘offspec_guide_image’, LoadMonitors=‘Exclude’)

right click, show sliceviewer

Platforms affected

4.2.20200211.2150 Windows 10


The error message:
The get_cmap function was deprecated in Matplotlib 3.1 and will be removed in 3.3. Use ScalarMappable.get_cmap instead. will soon be fixed Resolve some deprecation warnings by NickDraper · Pull Request #27907 · mantidproject/mantid · GitHub

If any other errors which read as ...function was deprecated... then let us know!