Support for 4k (/high DPI) monitors

I’ve just installed Mantid on a new laptop with a 4k screen.

At the moment, the buttons in the top menu are almost unusable.

I’m not sure about this, but a temporary fix for (in Windows at least) might be to enable DPI Awareness. (Maybe?)

Hi Simon,

It is something we’ve known about and I had previously thought that we are using a version of Qt that is too old to support using these features so there is nothing we could do at this time. Other packages are preventing us from upgrading currently but there are plans for moving forward but they are longer term at the moment.

I had a deeper look into the DPI awareness flags for Windows and it seems that if we force them to dpiAware=false then the automatic scaling does actually work and the icons become a usable size. It just turns out the default is not false as the documentation suggested.

I’ll need to check this doesn’t harm things on non-4K displays but hopefully this means we can get this change in to MantidPlot to make lives easier in these cases.

Thanks for the tip!

This will be addressed in issue 19078.

Hi Martyn,

Thanks for looking at this so quickly.

And I’m glad that was useful.
Let me know if this makes it into a dev build. I’ll be happy test it.