SWG Minutes - April 2022

The Scientific Working Group (SWG) met recently (2022-04-20). Some of the points covered during the meeting were as follows:

  • Facility updates, including restructuring at ILL.
  • CSNS, ORNL (and ANSTO) should connect to discuss GISANS data reduction.
  • Steve to gather constraints for the next (possibly in person) User Meeting.
  • It would be useful to create a full list of interfaces that use the Mantid framework (whether in the mantid codebase or not) and post it on the website to inspire future interfaces.
  • Add a Scientific Discussion category on the forum to aide validating workflows, e.g. Discus Multiple Scattering.

The minutes are also available on Github if you are interested in additional details. The data reduction roadmaps for each facility can also be found on Github.

As always, if you have any thoughts, questions or concerns please contact us through the Forum or Mailing Lists .